New Truck Owner? Be Aware of Your Truck's Limits

New Truck Owner? Be Aware of Your Truck's Limits

4 Situations That Require Emergency Towing

Christine Brooks

Facing car trouble is never a pleasant experience. Auto repair is an unplanned expense that most people would rather do without. However, experiencing sudden car trouble when you're away from home is even more nerve-wracking. When you find yourself stranded with a car that won't work, calling a towing service may be your best option. If you find yourself in one of these four situations, you can use the help of an emergency towing service:

1. You have a flat tire.

Flat tires can occur without warning. They often happen when you accidentally run over a road hazard, such as a nail or sharp piece of debris. However, flat tires can also occur if you experience a sudden tire blowout. You should never drive on a flat tire. Driving on a flat can damage your car's wheel and axle. If you're unable to change your flat tire on the roadside, call for an emergency tow.

2. Your car battery is dead.

If your car battery dies, you may call a towing service for aid. Often, car batteries can be jump started using jumper cables or a special device, so you may not need a tow at all. As a first resort, the towing service will attempt to jumpstart your battery. A jumpstart will give you enough power to get your car home. If your car battery still won't start, the towing service representative can tow your car to an auto repair shop.

3. Your engine won't start.

A dead engine is one of the most dreaded automotive problems. There are countless reasons that an engine could refuse to start, and unless you're a mechanic, you may not be able to diagnose the issue on your own. If your engine suddenly cuts out while you're on the road, try to steer your car to a safe location, like the shoulder lane. Once you're in a safe place, call an emergency towing service to pick up you and your car.

4. You are locked out of your car.

Finding yourself locked out of the car is a stressful experience. If you've simply left the keys in the car, you can call a locksmith. However, if you lost your keys, you won't be able to drive your car home, even if you can get inside. An emergency towing service can help you get your car home, where most people have a spare set of car keys waiting.


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New Truck Owner? Be Aware of Your Truck's Limits

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