New Truck Owner? Be Aware of Your Truck's Limits

New Truck Owner? Be Aware of Your Truck's Limits

4 Warning Indicators That Your Auto Oil Pump Isn't Working Effectively

Christine Brooks

The oil pump plays a crucial role in ensuring that the different parts of your engine are effectively lubricated. Proper lubrication is critical in your engine's operation as it keeps metal parts from contacting each other. Additionally, the pump absorbs heat from the different engine components. 

While the oil pump is designed to last for a long time, it's sometimes prone to failure. That's why it's crucial to watch for signs of deterioration and call a towing service to move your car to an auto shop for necessary repairs to prevent engine failure. Check out the signs to watch out for.

An Excessively Hot Engine 

Engine oil is responsible for reducing the engine's temperature. It helps absorb the heat your engine generates and move it to different engine parts, reducing friction between these components. So if the oil pump is faulty, there will be limited circulation of oil around the engine parts, elevating the temperatures. Usually, the engine check light may turn on, to warn you that the temperatures are overly high. Seek timely repairs when the check light turns on to prevent damage to healthy components.

Significant Reduction in the Oil Pressure

The oil pump ensures optimal engine oil circulation and at the right pressure. So, when the oil pump is defective, it can lead to increased friction between engine parts, leading to an ultimate malfunction. And if your vehicle keeps stalling or seems to lose power over time, it's likely due to decreased oil pressure. This situation calls for immediate repair by an auto repair mechanic, and it is wise to have a towing service transport your car to an auto shop to avoid more damage.

Noisy Hydraulic Lifters 

The hydraulic lifter is a fundamental component of the car's valve-train mechanism. They need to be properly lubricated to function properly and with minimal noise. Therefore, if the oil pump isn't working effectively, the lifters produce a lot of noise, ultimately reducing their lifespan.

Whining Sounds from the Engine

When your oil pump is working effectively, you won't experience strange sounds during its operation. But if it starts failing, you'll hear whining noises occasionally. Such sounds can persist even when your vehicle is in an idle position. In most cases, this noise is due to worn-out gear close to the pump. If you're experiencing this problem, you'll need to visit a professional auto repair shop for the oil pump replacement.

Your car engine relies on the proper oil supply of the oil pump for its parts to work effectively. Because of that, get a towing service to tow your vehicle to an experienced auto repair mechanic when you notice any signs highlighted in this guide.

For more information on automotive repair, contact a professional near you.


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New Truck Owner? Be Aware of Your Truck's Limits

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